Discussion on How to Improve the Circulation of Look Magazines


Why we need localisation potential benefits for the magazine.
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1)Why we need localisation potential benefits for the magazine.
2) Value proposition
3) Revenue and audience analysis (future audience analysis and revenue)
4) Potential outcomes and benefits to look magazine
5) Features& cost analysis
6) Organisational structure
7) Risk assessment
8) Monitoring and evaluation.


  • UK women’s weekly launched 8 years ago. Overnight success. Became UK’s biggest women’s weekly title


  • Proposition was to treat High Street fashion as if it was designer fashion. Celebrating clothes that women could


  • Target audience 18 to 30


  • A positive brand for women. Not just size 0 models


  • Really valued by High Street advertisers


  • 1.5 million social media audience for news and fashion drops in stores


  • Mobile is 60% of on-line traffic


  • Look fashion ranges sold through High Street stores


The challenge

  • Dramatic fall in circulation for the last 3 years


  • Any guesses why?


  • Dramatic fall in circulation for the last 3 years


Younger women not engaging in print. Want content for free. Less purchasing, less frequency of purchase.

Fashion retailers e.g ASOS creating their own content e.g styling advice

Digital on-line is not as good as it could be

Vloggers/ Bloggers creating content and driving audience and advertisers to their content


  • Grazia – but older and more affluent, London centric
  • Glamour, Cosmo
  • ASOS – a partner and a competitor
  • Refinery 29


The Look challenge

How should Look re-invent itself in whatever channel to better engage with younger audiences who want fashion inspiration?


A model for Consulting interventions

Blake & Mouton developed a framework for designing consulting interventions in their 1985 work on ‘Consultation’.

This built on their earlier work on management style and also on ideas developed by Schmuck and Miles (1976), and has been followed by evolutions of this thinking by Reddy (1994) and others.

Fundamentally, these ideas prompt a consultant to think about several key factors:

  • Who is my client?
  • What are the underlying or focal issues?
  • What intervention style is most effective?


In practice, a consultant might ask a number of straightforward questions in thinking how to approach an engagement:

  • What problem are we trying to solve?
  • Whose problem is it?
  • What are the facts?
  • What are the root causes?
  • What is the plan of action?



McKinsey’s 7S model (amongst others) aims to broaden thinking in diagnosing ‘systemic’ problems



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