Develop a Comprehensive Proposal to Overcome the Identified Challenge


  • Hierarchal Decomposition Process
  • Risk analysis and Quality assurance process


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The purpose of this assessment is to develop a comprehensive proposal to overcome the identified challenge. The proposal will then be presented to an audience of professionals and stakeholders.

2. TASK 1: Proposal

The student will develop the proposal as outlined in the following sections.

Executive summary

Summarise the key points of this proposal


Background and review of the Challenge

• Objectives
• Justification

In this section the student will establish the need and significance of the challenge for further investigation. The student should establish what the objectives of this proposal are and why it is important to the reader.
The student will need to justify and prove the significance of this challenge on the organisation, why it is also necessary to provide a solution


Hierarchal Decomposition Process

• Scope
• Scope exclusions
• Methodology
• Deliverables
• Development tasks and milestones

In this section the student will establish a key research or investigation title/question from which the student will create a Hierarchal decomposition process chart.

The student will give the details and justification of the process.

The student will then identify the scope and the areas excluded from scope to identify the exact areas the project will cover and the areas it will not.

The scope needs to be specific and justified.

The methodologies for conducting the research and development will also be discussed. The student will discuss the methodology they will use throughout the project and justification for such methods.
The deliverable section will state exactly what the project will provide and what the solution(s) or recommendation(s) will deliver. It is important that the student establishes how the solution(s) or recommendation(s) will address any limitations.

A chart or layout of the tasks and milestones will be required as a guide.


Risk analysis and Quality assurance process

• Resource requirements and costs
• Project Team

The student will provide an overview of the resources required to investigate and/or test a solution(s). This maybe the team of individuals, skills or personnel required to support the project including consultation, permits, licences or legal requirements.

An estimation of the costs involved and other requirements should also be included.


Project work plan

• Control plans and timeline
• Roles & responsibilities

The student will outline the necessary timeline and overall plan of the project. This should include key milestones and approximate time of each task. This section is to direct the project to a set schedule and to allow the project manager to measure the process.

The proposal should also outline the roles and responsibilities for each task and section this project not just the names of individuals.



Overall presentation


2. TASK 1: Power point Presentation

The power point presentation is a list of between 6-8 power point slides outlining your proposal. You should also have your commentary in the notes section of the slides.


Learning outcomes assessed

develop a comprehensive proposal to overcome the identified challenge; and
present the proposal to a sector or professional audience.


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