Describe How You might Use the Web Page Countdown to keep Users Informed


Describe the network


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Remember, you are meeting with management to convince them that this upgrade is necessary, feasable, and will be managed well from start to finish.  After reading this paper, management should have a clear understanding of the need and how you plan to solve it, such that they can make a go/no-go decision.

I. State the problem


II. State the reasons for solving the problem (reason to perform the upgrade) and WHY


III. Use the database reports you created to show how you have insight into the users and how you might use it to track progress


IV. Describe the network.


V. Explain any network-related issues that need to be considered.


VI. Describe how you might use the web page countdown to keep users informed.

Discuss other ways you might use the web or discussion technology throughout the project.


VII.Describe the security considerations.

Include the 3 slides you created into your paper perhaps.  Or use the information to write about the consideration and how you plan to control security


VIII. Conclusion


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