Describe at Least 3 Factors That will Affect the Productivity of the Workers


Project Time Management


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Provide an essay on the topic described below with an (excluding references, tables and diagrams).

For this assignment, you are expected to research the concepts described and review current literature on the topic. Include a minimum of six (6) references from scholarly journals or texts.

Use examples to illustrate your understanding of the issues and provide some conclusion from your research.


When planning a project task and estimating its expected duration, the productivity of the labour assigned to the task is an important factor.

For tasks such as building a wall, interviewing clients for requirements or developing a software module, the degree to which the labour is productive will influence the planned duration.

Choose a significant project task that relates to work with which you have experience.

A. Describe the project task and the human resources that will be required of the task

B. Define worker productivity (in the context of project work)

C. Describe at least 3 factors that will affect the productivity of the workers and explain how these factors will influence the estimate of work duration

D. Describe at least one technique, related to the factors described above, that may be used to direct workers or to establish a work environment that will improve the worker productivity for this task


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