Describe and Critically Evaluate a Case Management Approach


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An essay assignment 

You are required to write on one of the topics below:

Topic 1: Case management in practice

You are required to describe and critically evaluate a Case Management approach that is used in a particular service setting. You will need to:

  • (i)Choose a service area – for example mental health, occupational rehabilitation, community-based aged care, physical disability, intellectual disability, chronic illness – in which a Case Management model of service delivery is employed.


  • (ii) Describe the Case Management model using the generic approach outlined in the course material as a framework; this will involve addressing each of the key stages and noting any “missing” stages and/or any additional stages


  • (iii) Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the Case Management approach used, and also comment on particular case management issues associated with the nominated client group.


Topic 2: Researching case management

Summarise the scientific literature pertaining to the effectiveness of a case management model of service delivery when used with ONE particular disability group.

OR Summarise the scientific literature investigating the role of the Case Manager. Pay particular attention to studies documenting the job attitudes, organisational behaviour and performance achievements of Case Managers.


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