Critical Analysis of the Relocation Back to the UK


Evaluate whether Timbers should buy or lease the factory.


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Required:The report should include a thorough appraisal of the case study with clear guidance as to how the Timbers Plc should proceed. (Please see the guidance below to ensure your report is comprehensive).

Assessment  guidance :

• The case study requires you to consider material from across the main themes of the module. Identify and analyze the strategic financial possibilities based upon the information available and the application of relevant theories. Your report must include/address the following:

• Analyze the case study and identify Timbers Plc’s objectives/goals.

• Evaluate the case study options against the identified objectives/goals.

• Critical discussion of the relocation back to the UK, use live references to  support where appropriate.

• Evaluate whether Timbers should buy or lease the factory.

• A thorough NPV appraisal and provide clear guidance as to how they should proceed re the new machine.

• Critical evaluation of Timbers dividend policy and how it links in with the choices they face.

• Justify the use of any financial and accounting tools and processes selected to analyze the case situation by reference to the case and published academic literature. A defensible set of criterion should be established and used to evaluate solutions within a decision-making context that seeks to enhance the organization’s ability to meet its objectives.


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