Comparing & Contrasting Different Views of the Influence of the Internet on Knowledge Creation


Identify and apply best practice information literacy techniques.


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Learning outcomes addressed by this assessment:

a) Identify and implement learning strategies for tertiary level study.


b) Identify and apply best practice information literacy techniques.


c) Develop an understanding of academic register as appropriate for tertiary study.


d) Apply knowledge of critical analysis of text.


e) Employ a range in expression and style for academic discourse specific to Business contexts.


Assessment brief Summary:

You will present a business report documenting research in relation to the report topic provided below

The report will include content relevant to the topic focus and scope. The report format will be specified in the assignment instructions.



Prepare a Business Style report in response to the task outlined.

As recently as the 1980s, students hoped to find resources by searching paper-based materials, looking through print indexes, like the card catalogues, often to be disappointed with the result of their searches. At present, because of the speed and ease of access to information through databases, online catalogues, search engines, and social media, access is faster and more abundant. The vast amount of information may, however, create unrealistic expectations of the quality it can deliver. Compare and contrast the different views on the influence of the internet on knowledge creation, and evaluate the information.


Essential requirements for the report:

The report MUST follow the Business Report format which includes:

1. Title Page

2. Table of Contents

3. Executive Summary

4. Introduction – Includes context background and purpose.

5. Discussion – Includes glossary, data commentary & discussion

6. Recommendations

7. References (Harvard style)

8. Appendices (optional)



Data Commentary:

In the discussion you must include ONE figure or table to provide quantitative information relevant to the research.

You may copy the visual data from a source (correctly referenced) or you may create your own visual data drawing on information from other sources.

The figure or table must be correctly numbered and appropriately labelled.

You must write a data commentary to explain the visual data included in the discussion.


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