Coca Cola across Cultures: Analysis and Cross Cultural Comparison of the Coca Cola Websites


  • Significance of the proposed research
  • Research objectives and framework
  • Research methodology and design


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Research Methodologies

Assignment Question:

1.Title and Introduction: Form a clear title of a proposed research. Outline the background of the industry and/or company to be researched as well as the problem or issue identified for research.


2.Explain the Significance of and rationale for the proposed research.


3.Research Questions: Construct the research questions to be answered in the proposed research.


4.Research Objectives and Framework: State SMART research objectives to achieve your proposed research questions. Construct a proposed research model or conceptual framework to achieve the research objectives.


5.Literature Review: Using cited literature and other evidence sources, write your own critical review to complete a discussion of the contribution and discoveries made to extend your understanding of the research problem/issue. Make conclusions about the value of the literature review to your research topic and associated research questions.


6.Research Methodology and Design: Propose a relevant research design with detailed explanation of research methods, sampling and sample size, data types and sources of information and data collection methods.


7.Ethical Considerations: Identify potential ethical challenges involved and initiatives proposed to prevent breach of research ethics.


8.Expected Outcomes: State the expected outcomes from the research proposal.


9.Timeline and Gantt Chart: Construct a Gantt Chart in weeks that includes the stages and milestones of the research tasks and their respective time allocations.


10References (protocols & formatting): Using the Harvard referencing system throughout, provide references and evidence sources and use appropriate academic protocol for the proposal.


Malaysian Qualifications Agency Learning Outcomes

Module Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to assess and interpret existing research as a prelude to carrying out further investigation and the knowledge and understanding of range of research designs and their appropriate utilization.
  • Conceptualize a problem; formulate hypotheses and objectives; design a research strategy, collecting, analyzing, and interpreting both quantitative and qualitative data, including commonly encountered statistical procedures.
  • Understand the theoretical principles underlying inferential and descriptive statistics.
  • Integrate the findings of existing research to ask a new research question.
  • Engage in critical thinking when reading and comprehending research articles.
  • Choose the most appropriate statistical analyses, interpret results, and write up the results accurately and completely.                                                                                            


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