BSBCUS501 Manage Quality Customer Service


How can you organise staff meetings effectively?


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1.You are a manager in a retail distribution company. Who are your customers? Give examples of each.


2.How can you identify the segment of the market your customers belong to? Briefly outline the attributes of the organisation you know. Provide an example of its segmentation and how the segment is researched and determined.


3. What strategy would you take if the following problems were identified? Explain why you would take that strategy. Give an example. Your client claims that they are getting a lot of returns for broken equipment that stems from the quality of the parts that they are provided with.


4. Write the standards for the following:

a.An accident happening in the workplace

b.Customer complained about level of service

c.Returning damaged goods

d. Receiving stock

e. New employee starts with the business


1-1.How will you collect data to plan a marketing 3strategy directed to your customers?

1-2.What will you do to measure customer  satisfaction?

1-3.How can you organise staff meetings effectively?What will you include in the agenda


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