Analyze the data with MegaStat, StatCrunch, Microsoft Excel or other statistical tool

Resources to assist with the analyses

Technical and logistical issues


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IndividualData Collection and Analyses

Purpose of Assignment:  The purpose of this assignment is to provide each student with an opportunity to analyze data that s/he creates.  The variables for which the data are created should be related to the problem proposed by the LT.  Each member of the team should create a unique set of data for the variables chosen by that member.  That is, the same data values for a variable should not be simply duplicated and shared by team members.The goal is that you will use the data you have generated to do your analyses that will allow you to address your research question—hopefully in the form of using your research question to generate a research hypothesis and then testing the null hypothesis using one or more of the statistics that we are learning.

1)Create a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet with two-to-four variables (i.e., one dependent variable, and one or more independent variables)based on your learning team’s null and research hypotheses.  These variables should reflect different Levels of Measurement.

a.Each variable should have at least500 data values.

b.If you are feeling very comfortable with EXCEL, you could use the random number generator to create your data set.

c.If you are don’t feel very comfortable, then roll a die or use some other quasi-random approach to generate your data.

d.Compile and save your data so that you can analyze these data.

e.I DO NOT want to see your data as part of your paper; I only want to see the results of your analyses based on these data in your paper.

f.This portion of the assignment is worth 10 points.


2)Analyze the data with MegaStat®, StatCrunch®, Microsoft® Excel®or other statistical tool(s), including:

a.Descriptive statistics (i.e., mean, median, mode, standard deviation, range, and variance) for each numeric variable (i.e., ordinal, interval, ratio levels)

b.Histogram for each numeric variable (i.e., ordinal, interval, ratio levels)

c.Bar chart for each attribute (non-numeric) variable (i.e., nominal level)

d.Scatter plot if the two numeric variables (i.e., ordinal, interval, ratio levels) are expected to be related

e.Remember that charts, graphs, and tables need titles and need to be described in your narrative.  Simply plopping down a graph without labels and explanation is not professional level behavior.

f.This portion of the assignment is worth 30 points.


3)Determine the appropriate descriptive statistics.

a.In the narratives presented with the graphics address the issue of whether the data are normally distributed or significantly skewed and the impact this difference would have on whether you report a mean and standard deviation or median and interquartile range.


Resources to assist with the analyses:

Use the Individual Methodology Findings Template to complete the descriptive statistics.

Use the Descriptive Statistics and Interpretation Example to develop an interpretation of the descriptive statistics.


Technical and logistical issues

1.Your individual paper should include the following:

a.Cover page

b.Opening paragraph that presents the team research question and identify the two-to-four variables that will be presented in the paper

c.Present each of the items (properly titled and labeled) identified in the “Analyze the data” section along with a brief narrative explaining what is presented

d.A closing paragraph that summarizes what your data tell you about your research question.

e.There is no word limit on this assignment. However, make every effort to ensure that the narratives do not exceed.

f.Follow all rules of grammar, punctuation, etc.—and most especially DrGene’s guidance regarding writing and word choice

g.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (e.g., cover page with title, faculty member’s name, your name, date; and references if applicable).



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