Analysis of Martin Luther King speech…I have a dream


Cultural diversity paper


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Cultural Diversity Paper

For this essay, pick a significant of piece of art, literature, music, dance, philosophical or theological writing or speech that represents a particular ethnic or racial group in America. Write an essay in which you

  1. Offer a brief description of the work and its creator.
  2. Assess how the work addresses assumptions, prejudices, and/or stereotypes about that specific racial or ethnic group
  3. Argue for the importance and relevance of the work in communicating the experience of a particular ethnic or racial group within the American context.
For instance, you could discuss how Elijah Muhammad’s book Message to the Black Man in America expresses the post-slavery African-American experience and seeks power for African American culture. Or you could discuss how an Amy Tan novel humanises the female Chinese American experience, or how a sculpture by Hank Willis Thomas communicates something about how African Americans are perceived and how their experience is, or how a Sherman Alexie poem communicates the Native American experience and assumptions about it.


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