Ageing of Pilot and Flying


  • Disadvantages of older pilots
  • Reaction time of the body


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Flight Physiology Literature Review

Ageing of pilot and flying

You need to search the literature for information on your chosen subject. Use peer-reviewed research articles but also newspaper articles or flying journals to source your information. You may want to ask for, medical experts etc.


Once you have gathered your research you need to sort it out for relevancy so you have sufficient articles that support and disprove your hypothesis or argument.


Start with an introduction, stating the subject you are reviewing and what your initial opinion is.( should the pilot be old and young? )


Now use those chosen articles, summarising them to write your essay on your subject. For instance you would summarise one article that agrees with older pilots flying and then compare it to another that believes pilots should retire at an earlier age. You need a few different sources for both sides of the argument although you may find more that support your argument.


Sum these up with a conclusion that states your own position whether you agree or disagree with your first opinion.


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