Software Visualization Assignment Help

Software Visualization Assignment Help

Software Visualization refers to the visualization of information of and related to software systems or metrics of their runtime behavior, or the architecture of its source code, and their development process by means of interactive, static or animated 2-D or 3-D. Visual representations of their execution, structure, behavior and evolution. The software visualization uses a variety of information that is available about software systems. Some categories include:
  • Software repository data that tracks changes.
  • Software testing data
  • Traces that record execution behavior
  • Software metric data from measurements or reverse engineering
  • Implementation artifacts such as source codes
The objectives of Software visualization is to support the understanding of software systems as well as the exploration and analysis of software systems and their anomalies, and their evolution and development. Software visualization can be used as a technique and tool to analyze and explore software system information. For example, software visualization is used for monitoring activities such as for team activity or code quality. The Tools for software visualization can be used to visualize quality defects and source code during software development and maintenance activities. For software visualization, more or less specialized graph drawing software is used.

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