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Do this and never forget your answers again! – Assignments4u brings to its students a few simple yet extremely powerful memory boosting techniques.

We often hear people say “I used to have very good memory,” “It is difficult to remember everything” and so on. The fact is that memory has a huge storage space, but we need to know how to use it optimally. How often does it happen that you are unable to recollect the answers, whereas you exactly know where the answer is written in the book and also remember studying it last night? Does that ring a bell? You are also one of those, who have not fully utilized the potential of your brain. One of the simple tricks for this problem is to practice retrieving items from your memory rather than loading your memory with more information.

I will illustrate to you a few simple memory tricks that can help you in composing your assignments and knowing them by heart. Try practicing it in your everyday activity, and you will soon see the results.

  1. A good night’s sleep is vital:


Get yourself to sleep on something which you have newly learned. A powerful nap ensures that you retain whatever new information you are trying to retain. A good night’s sleep helps to retrieve information from your brain far more easily. If you bereave yourself of sleep, then you tend to be forgetful because the brain neurons are overworked and cannot save new memories. Memory and learning are enhanced after you catch some slumber. An adult on an average requires sleep of about 7 to 8 hours every day. Research shows after every learning session if you nap for a time span of 45 to 60 minutes then your brain will retain the lessons better. The time during which your brain goes into a deep sleep is the time when your brain will consolidate the learning by a slightly higher notch.

  1. Exercise is a must:


Exercise is a similar kind of activity similar to sleeping which will give a boost to memory improvement techniques. Exercises will help reach the oxygen-rich blood full of necessary diet to the brain. It is because the exercises help to produce more of an important protein named as cathepsin B which in turn helps in neuron growth and helps in making new links in the hippocampus. Tests carried out on monkeys and mice show results which are in tune with the findings. There is a catch though. Don’t set off to your gym immediately after learning something new. It is because research shows that it is best to wait for four hours after a learning session before starting off with the exercises.

  1. Diet is an important element in improving memory:


According to the latest lifestyle reports, there is factual evidence that if you are going to include Tran’s fat in your diet which is derived from red meat and butter then you suffer from symptoms of poor memory. Having too much of cholesterol in your diet can also lead to brain strokes. These brain strokes can be silent or can be life-threatening in nature. Brain tissues are damaged if there is too much of cholesterol in your body. A Mediterranean diet is considered to be the best for your brain because this eating habit includes a lot of fruits and vegetables cooked in olive oil, seafood as well fresh nuts. The brain if it subsists on a Mediterranean diet can remain healthy and improve its memory functioning.

  1. Go with the unique idea of chunking:


In reality, the chunking is a mnemonic device which helps a great deal in remembering bits of information which otherwise you would have forgotten. Slicing up telephonic numbers into segments of fours can be easily retained by the brain. History is a subject which is feared by most students because of its complex events and dates. Thus when you put the chunking device to use then, you can easily segregate them into events which bear similarities between themselves. Thus, it will be simpler for the students to remember in this way.

  1. Creating shortcuts/Acrostics:

I have another trick for Assignments4u students. Do you find it difficult to remember the periodic table in your Chemistry Assignments or the Ratios in your Financial Management Assignments? I have a trick that can solve this problem forever. Here you go with an example-

Example: Suppose, you had to buy the items listed below from your local grocery shop. It would be a daunting task if you had to memorize all the items –

Toilet cleaner, Oats, Lemons, Dips, Shampoo, Apple, Ice cream, Biscuits, Onions, Nail cutter, Roasted Almonds, Edible oil, Pickles, Wine, Walnuts.

Now we take the first alphabets of each of these items and create a sentence.

A simple shortcut trick is to create a sentence with the first letters like I did and thus remembered that sentence well.

“I like to wear Blue dress on Saturday evening and red pants on Wednesday night.”

I am sure this will make your life easier. Why don’t you try this next time you are finding it hard to remember the big list.

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