Physical Environment Assignment Help

Physical Environment Assignment Help

The physical environment of an ecosystem is made up of not just the physical environment but the chemical environment as well. Included within the ecosystem are:
  • climate
  • rainfall
  • winds
  • soil
  • food
so on and so forth. Any organism would be affected by the physical environment of an ecosystem. Sustenance is needed for the survival for each species and the source of sustenance for the species is the ecosystem. As far as human beings are concerned certain type of vitamins and amino acids for example that the human body isn’t capable of producing the ecosystem is the source of those much needed vitamins and amino acids. Sunlight is also another necessity so that the body can create vitamin D. Weather conditions ought to be bearable so that body temperatures can be maintained. Species other than human beings have separate needs. Human beings however have limitations as far as adaptability to weather conditions are concerned. The temperature for example that human beings are able to acclimatize is neither too hot nor too cold. In other words human beings are more adaptable to moderate temperatures. How much of sustenance an organism can get from the environment has limits. The reason being neither their presence nor their absence or the volume affects the environment that the organism has to adapt to. The desert for example is unsuitable for oak trees to grow. The primary reason being water is scarce. Moreover the roots of the oak tree spread quite unlike any other tree. The weather is too hot for the oak leaves as well. Conversely, excessive rainfall for example would not be conducive for an oak tree to grow. Hence either one of the extreme temperatures isn’t conducive for the growth of an oak tree. Therefore there has to be a moderate climate for the oak tree to grow. The environment recycles water and other elements. What this means is, water, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus are all vital part of the environment and all organisms thrive on them. This reuse has no limits and could occur in any ecosystem and in fact does occur throughout earth’s environment. As and when these elements of the environment are recycled the process is known as bio-geo-chemical recycle. The soil for example is wet when there is water and dry when there is a shortage of water. The reason being water evaporates. However because of precipitation the soil gets wet. As a result of the wind carrying water what it leads to is, the soil gets wet or for further precipitation moisture is supplied.   It’s a well-known fact that not all soils are suitable for crops as they aren’t fertile. There are many countries where there is vast expanse of land but the soil is infertile and therefore unsuitable for crop growth. The infertility of these soils could be attributed to nitrogen which is the main ingredient that is lacking in these soils. Quite a bit of research has already been done and more is underway to try and find out how it would be possible to inject elements rich in nitrogen into the soil. The research and development work is being carried out by biotechnologists. A combination of light, temperature and wind determine the climate of a region. Climate and water are crucial elements of any ecosystem.  Physical environment homework help is available at Assignments4U. Students who need physical environment assignments help would be able to find a tutor. Assignments can be tough and without a mentor it would be rather difficult for students to find a solution. Homework would be assigned to students regularly and they need help assistance and guidance. Not to worry the tutors at Assignments4U are there to help.

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