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Nursing issues like staffing, inter-professional relationship, satisfaction towards patients, job hazardous and job safety, overtime that are mandatory, patient relationships, technology advancement, and certification are the few nursing issues that every nurse in the healthcare units faces in their daily professional life.  Nursing is a practice that is differentiated from other health care providers by their approach towards patients care.  Nursing is a practice that deals with wide varieties of the area with a different scope of practice prescribed by the authority or by any physician. Nursing profession can be rewarding but at times, it also becomes a challenging factor for them.  There are eight types of nursing issues that nurse faces in their daily professional life.
  • Ethical issues: nurses control over patients freedom, different types of reproductive rights, honesty, beliefs and resource management.  Ethical nursing issues are related to privacy, where the nurses try to look for their fundamental rights to privacy.
  • Staffing: as the costs of health care are increasing with time and the best way to the hospitals or any health care units to reduce such costs by decreasing the nurses from the medical units. Increasing in job responsibilities and inadequate staffing are the essential nursing issues.  In this response, few nations have come up by adopting different legislation policies to curb such nursing issues by fixi9ng up a “nurse to patient ratio”.
  • Inter-professional relationships: conflicting views and often feeling of being disrespected during working hours causes nursing issues. Conflict in the relationship between nurses, co-workers, patients and with administrative bodies causes major nursing issues.
  • Satisfaction towards patients: patients always have some needs and expectation from any healthcare units. On the other hand, it becomes tough for any nurses or healthcare unit to serve those needs. This makes the situation much worse and health care condition more chronic. This becomes the ultimate reason for nursing issues.
  • Job hazardous and job safety: slippery floors and sharp containers in any healthcare units poses a threat to all staff members especially nurses. A nurse does work with different kinds of patients, and they have got a high chance of contracting the patient’s illness. In some cases, it also happens that the nurses feel threatened by angry patients that affect the safety of work and leads to nursing issues.
  • Mandatory overtime: insufficient level of staffing leads to overtime work, and this causes inefficiency at work and leads to dissatisfaction among nurses and leads to nursing issues.
  • Patient’s relationships: developing relationship with patients is comfortable. On the other hand, when the patient's struggle with the treatment and even dies in the whole process it hurts the nurses. So it is again a nursing issue, and maintaining a cordial and professional relationship with patients is mandatory in a nursing profession.
  • Technology advancement: technological progress is essential in every healthcare unit. It is also necessary that each and every nurses in clinical units or healthcare units need the right amount of training so that they become a skillful worker and help patients’ in their betterment. On the other hand, there are also some nurses does not able to go into such technology advancement training and leads to inefficiency in work and ultimately causes an issue for all the nurses.
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