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The fundamentals of network administration are that there is a client and there is a server which is known as client/server architecture. The Client is, in essence, a computer that belongs to a network. Being a part of a network, resources of the network are shared. Server, on the contrary, provides the network with resources. Client and server can be one and the same. As a client, it accesses the resources of another system while as a server the localized resources can be accessed by other systems in the network  

Typically, following are the steps to set up a system in the network:

  • The clients on the network need to be physically connected to the server along with installation of network driver software for the hardware
  • Once the software for the network is installed protocols are followed to create data packets.
  • Included in the software is what is known as transport provider with which data transfer between server and clients is managed throughout the network.
  • From the server’s perspective processes are known as daemons are set up on an on-going basis to be alerted about possible requests for connection to the network.
  • From the client’s perspective, all it needs is to be able to connect and consult the network with addresses database of systems and services prior to sending a request for connection to yet another system in the network.
  • Security is set up typically by a network application which follows minimum authentication protocol.
  • Included within the operating system are arrays of network facilities which are flexible enough for the administrator to build a network.
  • The application is relieved of the necessity to have the knowledge of the attributes of the network. Hence, despite the fact that the application runs on various networks, the user is consistently presented with an interface.

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