Medical Tourism Assignment Help

Medical Tourism Assignment Help

Medical tourism is a form of health tourism generally referring to the travel of people to a different country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that particular country. Some people travel to obtain treatments or medical surgeries. Some people go to abroad for fertility tourism or dental tourism. Medical tourist is a subject of variety of risks that may include poor post-operative care, paratyphoid, amoebic dysentery, tuberculosis, deep vein thrombosis and others. Several factors that have led to the increasing popularity of the medical travel include long wait time for certain procedures, high cost of health care, improvements in standard and technology of that country, ease of affordability of international travel. Various surgery performed in the medical tourism destination cost the price as of the First World. In First World countries like the United States, medical tourism has large growth potentially and prospect destabilizing implications. The forecast published in August 2008 projected that medical tourism originating in the bank can jump by a factor of ten over the next decade. In 2007, it was estimated that 750, 000 Americans went abroad for health care. The report estimated that 1.5 million would seek health care outside the U.S in the year 2008. Some people travel for surrogacy, in-vitro fertilization, assisted pregnancy or freezing embryos for retro- production. However, perceptions of medical tourism are not every time positive. In places like the US, medical tourism is viewed as risky. Companies that focuses on medical value travel typically provide nurse case managers for assisting patients with post and pre-travel medical issues. They might also provide resources for follow-up care upon the patient's return. International healthcare accreditation is the process for certifying a level of quality for health care providers and plans across multiple countries. International healthcare accreditation organizations, certifies a wide range of healthcare programs such as primary care centers, hospitals, ambulance care services, medical transport. Accreditation Canada is the oldest international accrediting bodies, formerly known as the Canadian Council on the Health Service Accreditation. Medical tourism carries certain risk. Some countries like Thailand or South Africa have very different infectious disease related epidemiology to North America and Europe. Health facilities treating medical tourist may lack an adequate complaints policy for dealing fairly and appropriately with complaints made by dissatisfied patients. World Health Organization have recognized the differences in health care provider standards around the world in the year 2004. It also launched the World Alliance for Patient Safety. Medical tourism may rise broader ethical issues for the countries where it is promoted.  In 2007, Companion Global Healthcare, the subsidiary of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, C teamed up with hospitals in Singapore, Singapore, Ireland, Turkey, India and Costa Rica. A 2008 article in Fast Company discusses the globalization of healthcare and defines how various players in the US healthcare market have started to explore it.

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