Material Science and Engineering Assignment Help

Material Science and Engineering Assignment Help

Material science and engineering or simply material science are that branches of chemical engineering that is involved in the exploration and etching of new materials. This somewhat new and emerging scientific field entail analysing materials from various theoretical perspectives such as
  • synthesis
  • structure
  • properties and
  • performance
The subject of material science and engineering integrates hypothesis of physics and chemistry and takes a frontline position concerning research on nanotechnology. In recent times, materials science has gained recognition as a distinct branch of science and engineering. A material essentially is a substance, often solid but is available in condensed form as well that can be used in particular applications. There are plenty of hybrid materials that exist in almost anything from buildings to spacecraft. There are two classes of materials
  • crystalline and
  • non-crystalline
Typically, the classification of materials is
  • metals
  • ceramics and
  • polymers
Included within the new and emerging materials are
  • semiconductors
  • nanomaterials
  • biomaterials
 Historically materials have defined an era such as
  • stone age
  • bronze age
  • iron age and
  • steel age
Material science has its origins or is rooted in ceramics manufacturing and its supposed variant, metallurgy. It has come of age as one of the earliest branches of engineering and applied science. Materials science in its current form is the result of its evolution and transformation from metallurgy. Metallurgy, in turn, has evolved and transformed from mining and possibly ceramics and the use of fire. The characteristics of thermodynamic about the structure of atoms in various phases are intimately related to the physical attributes of a material. Vital elements of materials science of this day and age are a result of the space age; garnering knowledge about the metallic alloys and how they are manufactured and silica and carbon materials that are used to build the spaceship for space travel. Materials science has been driving and is also driven by new and emerging technologies;
  • plastics
  • semiconductors and
  • biomaterials
for example. There was a time when materials science and metallurgy were synonymous. Over time the scope of materials science has become wider including all possible type of material, from
  • ceramics
  • polymers
  • semiconductors
  • magnetic materials
  • medical implant materials
  • biological materials and
  • nanomaterials
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