Mass Communication Assignment Help

Mass Communication Assignment Help

The process of mass communication is expensive and necessarily involves an individual, groups of people, or an organization sending messages through communication media to a huge group of unnamed and diverse people and agencies. This enormous group of nameless and unrelated individuals and groups represent the general public or a cross-section of the general public. Included within communication media are
  • television telecast
  • radio broadcast
  • social media and
  • print media
The person transmitting the message is often the spokesperson for an organization. As opposed to interpersonal communication where feedback is quick or instant or immediate and direct, in mass communication the feedback is often at a slower pace and via the third party. From a technical perspective mass communication involves the procedure of sending a message to a vast audience by using different forms of media;
  • newspapers
  • television or
  • the internet
Another way of defining mass communication that is common is the technique of relaying messages to huge groups instantly. The different types of mass communication are
  • advertising, consisting of discussion that attempts to get people to buy stuff
  • journalism about news
  • public relations or communication the intended purpose of which is to be influential in so far as public opinion about a product or service is concerned
  • political campaign
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