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Marketing is a vital function bringing companies and clients closer to each other. An established organisation that focuses on marketing management and is customer orientated would succeed. Management involves the processes of planning, organizing directing motivating, coordinating and controlling of various functions of a firm. Marketing is essentially the process of fulfilling the desires of the consumers. Management of marketing activities entirely is what is known as marketing management. Marketing Management can also be defined as the
  • analysis
  • planning
  • implementation and
  • control of programmed
developed to enable desired outcome through interaction with intended audiences on purpose to gain both personally and mutually. So that response is achievable adopting and coordinating
  • product
  • price
  • promotion and
  • place is heavily relied upon
Yet another definition of marketing management is that it’s a business related topic or subject matter focusing on the practical aspects of marketing methodology and marketing resource management of a firm. Marketing Management emphasizes on the psychological and physical facets of marketing. The definition of marketing management that is widely accepted is marketing managers influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand. The psychological aspects focus on discovering the desires of the consumer and the perennial change of trend of buyer behaviour, habit so on and so forth. The physical factors on the other hand focus on satisfying those needs and preferences through improved product design, channel of distribution and many more functions. Marketing Management is responsible for performing multiple functions in marketing namely planning, organizing, directing, motivating, coordinating and controlling. All these functions put together aim at achieving the goals and objectives of marketing. Assignments4U provides marketing management assignment help online and its homework helper service focuses on how students can learn and develop. A marketing management homework help chat room is where professors and students meet. Our students are from schools, colleges and universities who need to be assisted by instructors on their homework. We are widely acclaimed as being able to provide solution to students who need to be helped with their assignments. Most of our students are in need of urgent assistance with homework. Due to the rapport a student would always look forward to a certain teacher helping the student with assignments.  

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