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Logistics and Operations Management is also known by another name, and that is supply chain management. Increasingly it is being felt globally that no matter where one might be situated access to infrastructure such as hardware, software and technology would always be possible. With fleet management of the infrastructure, the potential for a competitive advantage could be attained. Therefore, logistics and operations management is vital for an engineering company to succeed.  Supply chain management encompasses functions ranging from extracting raw material manufacturing in between and ultimately at the end of the product lifecycle the products are recycled. Logistics is considered as the main function of fulfilling requirements of the market promptly, with ease and without having to incur costs of inventory. For supply chain management to operate smoothly, vendors of products or services have to be managed along with maintaining the internal operation.   The mission and vision of logistics and operations management are production and delivery of goods or services that meet the specifications of true quality and quantity. Once products and services are produced and delivered an organization is benefited. In a correct setting, logistics and operations management include:
  • the design
  • implementation and
  • Management of systems
  • for efficient deployment of personnel
  • physical facilities
  • raw materials
  • work-in-process inventories
  • finished goods and
  • Related information or services.
Logistics and operations management include the entire supply chain, beginning with sourcing raw materials, through work-process to final production of finished goods. Logistics and operations management systematic review involves a proficiency in quantitative sample analysis for effective communication using computers. In any organization manufacturing, service or non-profit industries process are the backbones. Operations Management & Logistics is a hybrid function comprising of:
  • product development
  • quality management
  • logistics
  • information systems and
  • human resource management
Operations encompass performance management of design engineers for example or putting in place recurring feedback on quality to precisely forecasting performance with regard to production and delivery. Supply chain management and designing information systems for e-commerce are integrated with operations management. Assignments4U has a tutor pool that provides logistics and operations management assignment help when students need assistance. Students who seek logistics and operations management homework help would be readily assisted by our tutors. Students with homework may be in a quandary and need help.  Our tutors are capable enough to find solution to tricky assignments that students may have.

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