LGBT Tourism Assignment Help

LGBT Tourism Assignment Help

LGBT tourism or Gay tourism is a form of niche tourism marketed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. They are usually open about their gender identity and sexual orientation. They may be more or less open while travelling. The main components of LGBT tourism is for accommodations, destinations, and travel services that wish to attract LGBT tourists; Major companies in the travel industry have become  very well aware of the substantial money that is generated by this marketing niche and have made a point to align themselves with the gay tourism campaigns or  gay community. According to a 2000 Travel University report, almost 10% of international tourists were lesbian and gay that accounts for more than 70 million arrivals around the world. LGBT tourists are offered added traditional tourism tools, such as hospitality networks of LGBT individuals, that offer each other hospitality during their travels and even home trades where people live in other's homes. Also available worldwide are social groups for visiting gay, resident, lesbian, bisexual. Lesbian and transgender colonials and friends.  The Gay travel destinations are common among practitioners of gay tourism as they usually have liberal attitudes or permissive towards gays, feature a prominent gay infrastructure such as businesses, bars, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, organisations, media etc. is the opportunity to socialize with other gays, and the feeling that one can relax safely amongst other gay people. Gay travel destination often coincide with the existence of gay neighbourhood. The tourism bureau and municipalities works actively to develop their reputations as places for them to travel, by aligning themselves to local gay organisations. According to Lonely Planet the top friendly gay destinations in the world are –
  • Sydney
  • Australia
  • San Francisco, USA
  • Brighton, England
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • New York City, United States
  • Puerto, Vallarta, Mexico
  • Rio, de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Prague, Czech Republic
The IGLTA website is one of the most popular websites for resources on LGBT travel. It includes a trip planner for many different places around the world. is a new U.K based service gay travel agency which is launching in the year 2015, which offers gay-friendly stays worldwide and experiences.

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