Landscape Ecology Assignment Help

Landscape Ecology Assignment Help

The analysis of variation in space in varied degree with regard to landscapes in a nutshell is what landscape ecology is all about. The characteristics of a landscape are that it’s heterogeneous. Hence landscape ecology could be defined as an analysis of the biophysical and societal cause and effect of a heterogeneous landscape. The core concept and theory of landscape ecology is linking natural sciences with human being. Several core aspect of landscape ecology portrays: 
  • The structure of landscape in relation to space that range from wilderness to cities
  • the relationship between structure of landscape and process
  • the relationship between human activity and landscape structure, procedure and alteration
Landscape ecology in other words is an analysis of the interaction among ecosystems in an area that is appealing and how ecological processes are affected by the interactions. Of special mention are, how these interactions affect heterogeneous space. By landscape ecology it’s implied that it’s an analysis of landscapes from varied perspectives namely, the composition, structure and function of landscapes. Although there are myriad ways of defining a landscape, the definition of a landscape fundamentally however depends on the phenomenon that is being considered. Contrary to popular notion, the size of a landscape is not its definition. Instead its best defined by varied elements; ecosystems for example that interact which may be relevant to a particular phenomenon that is being considered. A landscape therefore is a land area of varied sizes within which there is an interesting trend affecting and affected by an equally interesting ecological procedure. Landscape ecology, thus entail the analysis of landscape sample, how interactive they are between the various aspects of the sample, and how the way the samples interact and alter as time goes by. Landscape ecology furthermore entails applying these principles to formulate and provide solution to problems. Landscape ecology is distinct due to its focus on:
  • heterogeneous space
  • wider extension of space apart from traditional ecological analysis
  • how humans can create and affect landscape patterns and procedure
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