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Management of information technology in any company includes most of the fundamental managerial functions namely budgeting, staffing, change management, organizing and controlling for the most part. There are other unique facets of technology; software design, network planning, tech support so on and so forth for example. Information technology management could also be defined as a process which ensures that all relevant resources are manageable based on the priorities and needs of an organization. The relevant resources of information technology are both tangible and intangible resources. Tangible resources include networking hardware, computers, and people for example. Intangible resources on the other hand, include software and data for example. The core purpose of information technology management is generating value by using technology. So that this is achievable aligning of strategic business planning and technology is essential. Included in information technology management are the fundamental managerial operations; staffing, organizing, budgeting and control for example. Beyond these there are functions typical to information technology; software development, change management, network planning and technical support for example. Usually, organizations use information technology for supporting and complimenting operation. The advantages and indeed the necessity of having an information technology department exclusively far outweigh any disadvantages. Hence, very few companies knowingly would want to forego or opt out of the obvious advantages of an in-house information technology department. A few organizations even use information technology as a core business function. Assignments4U is meant specifically for those students who need assistance, guidance and help with their assignments.  For information technology management assignments help our tutors are truly the best that a student can find. Once tried and tested students would want information technology management homework help from our tutors. Students stuck with their homework would be looking for a solution. Our tutors are the solution that they may be looking for.  

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