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Human Ecology Assignment Help

Human ecology is that branch of ecology that studies how humans and nature are related intimately by establishing connections and how they interact with each other. In the scheme of human ecology although human beings are viewed as an integral part of ecosystems but as far as their effect on the environment is concerned there is none whatsoever either by their presence or by their absence. Rather the role of human beings is perceived as one where each one of us is sharing the same environment. Hence, the environment of each human being is also a part of the environment of other species. The subject of ecology essentially encompasses studying and analysing relationships between human beings and nature and how they both complement each other in an ecosystem. Quite often however, the study of ecology and ecosystems do not consider human beings as a vital part. It’s not that human beings are a contaminant for the ecosystem and are therefore excluded. The perception of human beings, on the contrary, is that they are distinct due to the fact that human beings have been influencing the evolution and transformation of the ecosystem, unlike any other species.   Therefore should the study of ecology not include human beings and they are left out then human ecology as a subject of study would lack substance. The fact is human beings are conscientious and conscious whose contribution to the natural world cannot be overlooked and as a matter of fact is immense. Human beings do have goals and objectives which are expressed as they are able to relate with nature. Knowledge values, beliefs and goals have an influence on individual behaviour. With varied communities, cultures and societies developing, the values, goals and objectives of nature are distinct. Hence, it’s easier to collaborate which could even lead to conflicting opinions which in turn would lead to creating a repository of interactions that would have an effect on the biosphere. Human ecology primarily is an exploration of how human beings can create an impact on their environment and likewise how one’s environment defines one’s behaviour. Moreover human ecology also analyses the sort of strategy human beings deploy to adapt to these influences as the influences are better understood.   The question is how is nature affected by these cultural, social and political interactions subtly or overtly? The other question is how do projects along the lines of environmental management or biodiversity conservation or for that matter any other worthwhile project incorporate the basic tenets of human ecology in relation to diverse human values? Ones’ environment, values, strategies and politics are all an integral part of each and every human being. All human beings have a contribution to make to the ecology as a whole. The contributions may not be automated biologically, but they are more about longing, eagerness and being anxious. All of these values and emotions are exactly of what type and what is the source? How could the global environment be affected by these emotions and if it does would human beings be alerted in advance? These are some of the burning questions that are truly mindboggling. Exploring new vista of knowledge surrounding human ecology would enable linking of the social as well as the political perspective of human ecology. In addition, the psychological, ethical and theological perspectives are incorporated or taken into consideration as well.    Human ecology is as much a methodology as it is a subject of research. It’s about how and what one thinks of the world that one lives in. Also in this context how are the questions defined and the answers to those questions, prior to looking for answers. Therefore, the study of human ecology is interdisciplinary which integrates topics from
  • biology
  • development studies
  • political ecology
  • psychology
  • anthropology
to name a few. Moreover human ecology is experiential and reflexive as well. Human beings are very much a part of the ecosystem that they are carrying out research on. Along with the ecosystem-human beings evolve simultaneously as well. Through the process of evolution, the values are better understood resulting in the evolution of values as well. Stakeholders are benefited as there is a far better understanding among them. Mutual respect for knowledge becomes the norm and there is greater cohesion in terms of planning among species. Regular assignments for students are natural. Assigning homework to students is a practice that makes students perfect. To attain perfection in human ecology assignments help from the tutors at Assignments4U is always available.  If for example a student has human ecology homework help if required would be provided by the tutors at Assignments4U. Our tutors help, assist, guide and mentor students in a manner that students themselves are able to find a solution to homework or assignment.

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