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What is this website about?

  • We are a team of highly qualified tutors, who have gained experience of tutoring students over the years.We set out to help the students with their college assignment help and learning needs. You can schedule lessons with experts who guide you to overcome your learning difficulties.
  • We offer to help you out with your difficulty and we love to do that! So how are different from others? We take the stress away from education. We love tp make the sessions interactive and fun!
  • We do online tutoring, and educational handholding for you and for that we recruit and review tutors continuously and make them comply with our high quality standards.
  • We hire tutors only when we verify the academic credentials and make them take a test on their subject!! It is a daunting task by any tutor to clear our benchmarks.This is to ensure that the help with assignment you get is perfect and you have a great experience each time.
  • We do not want your money if you are not happy with the work.Your money is safe with us, and we are ready to give it back to you in-case you are not satisfied!
  • We provide academic help that will bolster you to achieve “A” grades. We will give you a push towards better education. We ensure our tutors are working hard by a rigorous feedback process, in which you help us rate the tutors!

We don’t have any high charges of transaction fees, hidden charges like others! What subjects do we offer?

Assignments4u has tutors of diverse subjects.  We have qualified experts for Algebra,Math,Finance,Accountancy, Report writing,Computers,Engineering, Business,Management,Biology, and lot of other subjects. Our tutors in mathematics are experts and give detailed explanations of the math questions so that you understand the concepts!

How can I gain from your services?

We help students by teaching them subjects where they lack. We help you with areas that you are struggling with. We can proof read and grade your work, we provide feedback and give you tips for improvement.  We suggest you to use our services and gain knowledge and work it towards a rewarding career. We also provide online tutoring services if you want a one to one tutorial with one of our expert tutors.

How does it all work?

You have a learningg need that you need help with. You visit our website and register with us! You tell us your learning need by uploading it on our homepage. We instantly review the work and our experts carefully examine the work, and generate the best quote for you. You pay for the tutoring and we start working on it immediately. We deliver the written or online lesson to you as its convenient to you!

How much do I pay for my assignment?

It really depends on the amount of learning involved and the number of expert man hours needed! We always give you a customized package that is suitable to your learning needs! It may go very low for very small projects, and a little higher for bigger ones.

Is my identity safe?

Yes, completely. We do not share your information with anyone! We respect privacy of your data, both personal and payment. We use paypal for receiving payments, which is the safest payment method!


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