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A database management system also known as a database manager is essentially a program with which data is created and accessed in a database. A single user in a database management system does not need to know the physical location of the data on storage media and can access the data. Similarly multiple users would be able to access the same data simultaneously. While managing requests from users, the database management system performs data integrity checks which includes data security checks to ensure that data can be accessed at all times by those having access rights and as intended there would be consistency in organizing the data. A typical database management system is a relational database management system with a user and software program graphical user interface known as the structured query language. The most recent database management system is the object oriented database management system.

A database management system and a file manager are alike because a file manager manages files in a file system whereas a database management system manages data in databases. The non-relational data managers of the legacy mainframe operating systems of IBM which are still being used are known as access methods. A database management system is an integral part of any database product. Microsoft Access installed on a personal computer is, for example, a single or small group user database management system. Microsoft’s SQL Server is a database management system that attends to database requests from several clients. IBM’s DB2, Oracle’s range of database management products, and Sybase’s products, for example, are all database management systems. With the launch of IBM’s Information Management System, one of the first database management systems was available. Transaction managers could either use a database management system or it could be used with transaction managers combined; IBM’s Customer Information Control System is a case in point.

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