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For businesses and personal finance alike, cash flows indicate as to whether a business or an individual is solvent. Cash flow is presented as past or projected record of activities related to product sale. Hence cash flow is a representation of the expectation of a business or an individual alike in terms of cash inflows and outflows. For the survival of an entity cash flow is vital. With sufficient cash in hand making payments to creditors, employees and others would be in a timely manner. Sources of cash inflow are:
  • sales
  • loan proceeds
  • investments and
  • the sale of assets
These sources are used for cash outflow which includes paying:
  • operating expenses
  • direct expenses
  • principal debt service and
  • the purchase of asset
Cash flow in short is cash coming in and going out in relation to operation of an organization. In accounting parlance, the meaning of cash flow essentially is the difference in the availability of cash in the beginning of an accounting period or the opening balance and the amount that is available at the end of an accounting period or the closing balance. Cash flow would be positive if the closing balance is higher in comparison with opening balance. Negative cash flow would result should the opening balance be higher than the closing balance. Cash flow increases when:
  • goods or services are sold increasingly
  • an asset is sold
  • costs are reduced
  • selling price is increased
  • collections are quicker
  • payments are slower
  • more equity is brought in or
  • loan is taken
Should a business or individual not have sufficient cash to fund its operations, it is an indication of insolvency. Protracted insolvency would lead to the company or individual being bankrupt. Statement of cash flows is an accounting statement from which the amount of cash available and used over a span of time can be deduced. It’s an indication of financial stability of a company. Cash flow is assigned either to a particular project, or to an entire business. If performance were to be measured based on the nature of cash flow then it would be inaccurate. Cash flow levels being positive or high are not an indication that a company is even profitable let alone believing that the profit levels are high. Cash flow could be defined as a revenue or expense category which has an effect on the cash account over a span of time. Cash inflows occur due to either one of the following three activities:
  • financing
  • operations or
  • investing
In personal finance endowment in the form of donations or gifts would result in cash inflow. Cash outflows in business and personal finance occur due to expenses or investments. The cash flow statement of any business analyses and measures financial performance. Companies with plentiful or excess cash in hand would rather put the money back in the business so that further cash and profit could be generated. For cash flow assignment help students are privileged to have tutors at Assignments4U. Our tutors do what they do best and that is providing cash flow homework help to students. Homework that students find difficult is made easy by out tutors. Assignments of students are carefully looked into by our tutors and inevitably a solution is provided to students.  

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