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Business process management systematically enhances the workflow of an organization so that it’s far more effective, efficient, capable and adaptable to a business environment that is undergoing perennial change. A business process essentially is a single activity or a group of activities the purpose of which is to attain a certain objective of an organization as a whole.  The term business process management encompasses how business processes are:
  • Studied
  • Identified
  • Changed and
  • Monitored
to ensure smooth running and how they may be improved as time goes by. Often it is the daily flow of work or what is commonly known as workflow which is an integral part of process re-engineering or improvement. Through business process management errors and miscommunication are reduced. The focus is on stakeholder’s requirements for their roles. Business process management is a subcategory of infrastructure management which is essentially administration regarding maintenance and optimization of equipment and core operations of an organization. Business process management of a company more often than not establishes connection internally between a strategic business unit and the core IT department. Due to business process execution language and business process management notation the core information technology department and the strategic business unit can communicate. It’s fairly easy to read and learn both languages. Hence business professionals can learn in no time at all and subsequently apply them while designing processes. Business process execution language and Business process management notation alike follow the fundamental principles of programming, so that notwithstanding the language the processes are designed, developers would be able to translate them into codes.                                                                       The three different types of business process management frameworks available in the market presently are:
  • Horizontal frameworks
  • Vertical business process management and
  • Fully integrated business process management suites frameworks
Horizontal frameworks These types of frameworks are involved with designing and developing business processes and usually focus on reuse of technology. Vertical business process management Vertical business process management is focused on the coordination of a specific set of tasks. There are preset templates that can be configured and installed instantly. Fully integrated business process management suites frameworks have five basic components:
  • Process discovery and project scoping
  • Process modelling and design
  • Business rules engine
  • Workflow engine
  • Simulation and testing
The norm of most companies is business process management. However with the emergence of cloud computing leading to greater affinity for software on-demand, the offerings of software as a service for example are being considered.                                                                                          Business Process Management essentially is about perspective and controlling existing processes of an organization. It’s a disaster management tool that ensures that the business processes in place are indeed effective and efficient. With increased efficiency and effectiveness of business processes an organization would be cost-effective. Ideally deployment of business process management should not be only once. Processes need to be continually evaluated and facilitated by business process management so that actions can be taken to enhance workflow in its entirety. Any tutor at Assignments4U is readily available to mentor students with business process management assignments help. Students in need of business process management homework help could hook-up with any preferred tutor. Homework that students may have may need to be looked into by a tutor for a possible solution. Assignments that students are given also may not be easy for them. Hence a tutor may be needed, sooner the better.  

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