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Biosphere Assignment Help

There is life because of biosphere and there is biosphere because of life. The existence of one depends on the other. Hence both complement each other and are not mutually exclusive. In the geographical sense biosphere is a terminology that is used as a description of the world along with a host of varied living organisms from microorganisms to human being to animals. The biosphere is ubiquitous from the surface to air where birds and insects cohabit.  

It’s as much present in dark caves where some form of life exists as it is just about anywhere. The biosphere is as far-reaching as any form of life. With regard to interaction between lithosphere and hydrosphere the coastlines in particular are a testament of that interaction. The coasts have life of all forms, sizes and shapes such as fish, birds, and mammal abundantly. There is also an interaction between the atmosphere and varied climates. As a result of the towering mountains condensed air forms clouds leading to rainfall.

Excessive rainfall aid flora in forests and rivers are full of aquatic life. Forces deep within the earth’s atmosphere interact with the energy that reaches the earth from beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Volcanic fissure on the seabed are teeming with life. A combination of these interactions is the root cause of the variety of life on earth.

There are multiple factors that affect the biosphere in general and life on earth in particular. Factors as huge as the distance between the earth and the sun for example could influence the biosphere. Had the earth been nearer to the sun, then the earth would have been uninhabitable for any form of life. Conversely had planet earth been far away from the sun then it would have been equally uninhabitable.

The fact that earth is tilted in its axis is vital. The reason being season and climate changes which are seasonal occur because earth is tilted either towards or away from the sun. At least half the planet earth is warm during the summer months while the other half is cool. It takes approximately six months for the temperatures to reverse.  Even relatively smaller factor may have an effect on the biosphere. A piece of land for example that is probably only a square mile or kilometre would be greatly affected by the influence of climate, daily weather, and erosion. The factors however small alter the living conditions and organism must adaptable accordingly. Notwithstanding the fact that human beings can control most of their surroundings, their vulnerability to natural calamities still exists. 

Chemical erosion for example is a form of erosion of the landscape in which the landscape would erode one molecule at a time. By a process of oxidation and reduction the way the rocks and organic products are composed changes. Apart from chemical erosion there is biological erosion as well. Bacteria and fungi for example are organisms that relentlessly work for categorization of organic and inorganic materials.

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