Biological Data Visualization Assignment Help

Biological Data Visualization Assignment Help

Biological Data Visualization is a division of bioinformatics  which is concerned with the application of scientific visualization, computer graphics and information visualization to different areas of the life sciences and  includes visualization of  genomes,  sequences alignments, macromolecular structures, phylogenies systems biology, microscopy, and magnetic resonance imaging data.  The Software tools used for visualizing biological data range from simple, standalone programs to complex, integrated systems. Currently, we are experiencing rapid growth in volume and diversity of biological data, which is an increasing challenge for biologists. A key step in learning and understanding from these data is visualization. Thus, there has been a corresponding increase in the diversity of systems and number for visualization of biological data. An emerging trend is the blurring of boundaries between the visualization of larger complexes by cryo-electron microscopy, the visualization of 3D structures at atomic resolution and visualization of the location of proteins and complexes within whole cells and tissues. A second emerging trend is an increase in the availability and importance of time-resolved data from electron microscopy, systems biology and tissue and cell imaging. In contrast, visualization of trajectories has long been a prominent part of molecular dynamics. Finally, as datasets are increasing in complexity, size and interconnectedness, biological visualization systems are improving in data integration, usability, and standardization.  There are a   large number of software systems that are available for visualization of biological data which are given below-
  • Systems biology
  • Genomic and assembly data
  • Alignments, phylogeny, and evolution
  • Microscopy
  • Molecular Graphics
  • Magnetic resonance imaging
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