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What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity simply means the variety of life. It has many levels to study. At the top level, you can analyze all the different species on the entire Earth. Whereas on a much smaller scale, you can study within a neighborhood park or a pond ecosystem. Identifying & understanding the relationships between all the life on Earth are some of the greatest challenges in environmental science.

Types of biodiversity

Species diversity is only a single part of biodiversity. To accurately catalog all the life on Earth, we also have to recognize and include the genetic diversity as well that exists within species as well as the variety of entire habitats & ecosystems.

The two basic types of Biodiversity are:

1.Genetic Biodiversity

It is the study variation in genes that exists within a single species. A better way to understand genetic diversity is to take the simplest example of different breeds of dog. For instance, all dogs are part of the same species.However, their genes can dictate whether they are Chihuahua or a Great Dane. A lot of variation in genes is the reason behind it.Just take into consideration about all the colors, sizes, and shapes that make up the genetic diversity of dogs.

2.Ecological Biodiversity

It is the diversity of ecosystems.It also includes the natural communities and habitats. In simple words, it’s the variety of ways that species interact with each other and also with their environment. For instance, the forests of Maine differ from the forests of Colorado by the types of species found in both ecosystems. Not to forget about the temperature and rainfall. These two seemingly similar ecosystems have a lot of differences that make them both unique.

The Importance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is extremely crucial to people and the health of ecosystems. A few of the reasons are:
  1.  Biodiversity allows all of the living organisms to live healthy and happy lives. It is the biological diversity of plants that provides us with an array of foods supplies and materials.Without a variety of pollinators and plants, and soils, our supermarkets would have a lot less production resulting in a weak economy. Research into plant & animal biology and genetics lead to medical discoveries to cure diseases and lengthen life spans Every time a species goes extinct, or genetic diversity is lost, it's quite impossible to imply whether the research would have given us a new vaccine or drug.
  2.  Biodiversity is the part of ecological services that make life sustainable on the Earth. They cover everything right from cleaning water and absorbing chemicals, which wetlands do, to providing oxygen for us to breathe.
  3.  Genetic diversity is an astonishing way that prevents diseases and helps species adjust and adapt to changes in their environment. Simply for the wonder of it all.
  4. All the amphibians, 21% of all the mammals & 12% of all birds. If we do not stop the threats to biodiversity, we could be facing another dangerous consequence due to the extinction leading to a threat to the environment and human health and livelihood.
There is a growing awareness of the fact that biodiversity and climate change are interrelated. Climate change has a significant effect on biological diversity and as far as human well-being is concerned the repercussion is negative. Biodiversity and the complement each other and contribute to mitigating climate change and adapt instead. Hence conservation and management of biodiversity are in a manner so that it can sustain in vital about climate change. This terminology could be used as a description of the existence of varied life on the globe.And the associated natural processes is also affected. Included within the natural processes are the ecosystem, genetic and cultural diversity, and how these elements and all species are closely interrelated. The various elements of biodiversity are heavily influenced by each other. Living organisms and the environment that they thrive in are closely interlinked. An ecosystem is comparable with carpet that has to be woven; if a loose thread is pulled, either it would just affect the thread and everything that is close to it, or by pulling the thread the entire carpet would unravel. Biodiversity is a support to day to day living. However, the emissions of greenhouse gases caused by human activities and the industries that is built up in the environment cause climate change. Biodiversity is threatened by the drastic climate change. Climate change in the Arctic has an effect on the global warming and temperature of the air and ocean, sea levels, duration of seasons, the flow of oceanic and wind currents, precipitation levels, so on and so forth. When these change the habitat, the behaviour of many different species is affected. The possibility exists that quite a few species may be pushed to extinction as they were unable to adapt quickly. Combating climate change is a daunting and herculean task. If for instance trees are planted on the side that is south facing the room temperature would be a tad cooler when it's summer. Oxygen would be produced more replacing carbon dioxide. Family and friends ought to be encouraged to travel by carpool, public transit, and walk or bike as and when they can. Students get homework or assignments from their instructors which they need a solution to when they get stuck.

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