5 tips for College Students to reduce Stress.

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5 tips for College Students to reduce stress

College life is exciting and fun, but also not to forget, the graduation years are the most stressful years too. No one is immune to stress and college students are most vulnerable to it due to study, assignments and college life responsibilities that seem overwhelming to most of the students.

Stress, if not treated on time, can result in a state of anxiety, depression, and feel totally overwhelmed eventually deteriorating the health of the person.

So, here are some of the tips that you, as a student, can follow to limit your stress, get positive and survive your college life with ease.


1.Concentrate on your management skills.

Your management skills include time management, study management, managing your personal life so that you can have a proper balance of professional and personal life.Now how to do it?

Step 1.

Stop procrastination.Be it your assignments or studies, if you can do it now, don't let it lie unfinished.

You may think that you will do the task later and enjoying with your friends or enjoying your favorite match, but your subconscious mind is striking you the consequences of not finishing the task and eventually triggering mental stress. This influences your mood.Even though you are enjoying, you can't do it properly. So, stop wasting time when you can utilize the time.

Step2: Make a routine that suits you and which you can honestly follow. Once you make it, stick to it no matter what. This will not only get you disciplined but also you will have nothing to worry about unfinished tasks.

PS: Don't forget to make daily task reminder prioritizing those tasks which are the most important.

2.Focus on boosting your self-esteem.


Start seeing the good in you. Acknowledge yourself for the good you have done! Be gentle with yourself when things don’t go as expected. Some things can’t be controlled,  no matter how much you want to.Love yourself for who you are right now — at this very moment.

Reward yourself for the accomplishments of the task. It can be a self-made appreciation badge or even a chocolate of your choice. Leisure activities are called recreational activities due to reason, the reason is , when you do things that bring you joy, you are re-creating your spirit. Nurturing your spirit is a great way to help you reduce stress.Take time to do things that reward you, every day.

Start believing in you and never compare yourself with others. Comparing yourself with other will give you nothing but depression and lower your self-esteem. Confidence and best efforts is what counts the most. So "Do your best and forget the rest."Read inspiring quotes daily.

3.Find means of relaxing your body and mind.


Many students get overwhelmed with tight schedules of the university and get so depressed and anxious that they start taking alcohol to suppress their depression. But intake of alcohol will worsen the case .Infact you should also avoid unnatural energy boosters. Artificial stimulants like caffeine pills or prescription meds may help you stay awake for that all-night study session, but putting off your body’s need to sleep will ultimately result in an energy crash, resulting again in a greater susceptibility to stress. Instead of that you can get a relaxation massage at SPA or get emotional support from a trusted friend Or seek the help of a professional counselor or psychologist which is an excellent way to empty out tensions and make them lower.

4.Don't ignore your worst food habits.


A steady diet of pizza and vending-machine fare can decrease energy levels in the body, leading to a lower threshold for stress. You end up feeling very tired and looking for the same junk food to kick you back up. Follow a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

Just consider a simple example. What happens when your blood pressure goes down? You get tired, and cant get up right?

Why might this happen?It's because you are not taking food rich in sodium. Your body can adjust in a miraculous way, but stress can limit the metabolism of your brain too. So always go for food that is good for you.

5.Try to connect with the real world and real people.


What happens when someone you love or like doesn't reply you in snap chat or facebook? You get depressed. Your mind gets overwhelmed with negative thoughts surrounding the WH questions and eventually leading to chronic stress.

So, it is advisable to connect with people in real. Avoiding social media is a good choice for those who take social media very seriously.


Last but not the least way to handle stress is:

Step 1. Think of the worst situation that can happen to you in a certain period or event or situation.

Step 2. Try to accept that worst case scenario.

Step 3. Try to find solutions now but keeping in mind no expectations of results.

This will give you the strength to deal with any stress you come across in your life.

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