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Challenges always bring about changes and with it and a whole lot of stress and strain in the human brain. Whether you take up stress from the positive or negative point of view depends completely on you. Sometimes, it has been seen that stress works positively because it increases the intensity of reflexes and sharpens our mind. If there is some anxiety after a groundbreaking day at your workplace, then you can easily expect to overcome it by means of having some stress busters which will help you positively.  Stress causes several physiological changes in the body like that of an accelerated heartbeat and flushed skin which is indeed harmful for you.

We can usually say that college days had been fun for all of us at some point of time in the past.  But as the days are changing students in the present years tend to enjoy college days less and less. It is because of the mounting study pressure and the challenge to prove one’s worth at the workplace after college is over. So the students are putting more and more effort in their studies and all the free time is spent in libraries or preparing for exams and assignments. The standards of education in a college are quite high and the instructors can be very demanding therefore giving rise to much stress amongst the students. But by being just a bit more careful and cautious, we can reduce the levels of stress amongst the college students.

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What are the ways of reducing stress in college students?

• Music is the best therapist

Good music can calm us down to a great extent. Music therapy can be used to help a college student become more relaxed. Depressed college students typically get better after listening to their favorite piece of music and suffer from fewer cases of nervousness. Choose a genre of music to your own liking. Do you prefer classical music or jazz music to cool you down? If taking a walk with your iPod outdoors in the sunshine helps you to relax and vent out some stress then do so by all means.

ways of reducing stress

• Connection with family members and friends is vital

Being able to interact with your near and dear ones is extremely important because nothing beats stress as does some valuable family time. Nothing can be similarly as comforting as just simply catching up with friends over tea and having a nice chit chat session. A tight hug meant for your friend can distress you in a jiffy. Share your concerns with your friends and family so that they are able to understand you and can come to your rescue in stressful times like these. If meeting friends are difficult for you then as a college student you can drop a letter to your friends and family updating them about your anxieties and worries and stress. Writing a letter to your loved ones can be an exhilarating experience in itself. As a college student with lots of stress building up within you can definitely try out this remedy.

ways of reducing stress

• Hiking is the best way to de-stress yourself

Hiking can be a pleasant means of de-stressing because it can relieve your mind from stress and strain through relaxation. Being in close proximity to nature promotes relaxation. The bountiful nature has enough to surprise you with wonders that will awe you, confound you and will make you think. Staying away from books and going on a hiking trip for an entire day can really de-stress you. Take in the sounds of nature and go on long trips and memorize the enchanting and sweet names of the trees and flowers and shrubs around you. You will be amazed at what nature can do for you by de-stressing you of your nervousness and preparing you for a fresh morning and a new day ahead.

ways of reducing stress

• Help others by all means

Helping others gives out a feeling of how well positioned you are in your life. Taking out time from your busy schedule and helping others can help you relieve your stress in your college days. There are times when helping others can lead to a feel-good factor within you. It is because volunteering of different kinds given to others can indeed boost your happiness and your well being. The various volunteering activities that can be worked out are as follows:

1. Help by serving food at the army or the refugee camp

2. Help the homeless by volunteering to offer your labor to build a home for them

3. Visit the sick at the nursing home to spend some time with them

4. Offer your services for babysitting as a big brother or big sister

5. Offer help in the cleaning up of your local park or neighborhood

6. Offer your services for helping your friend when they are relocating to a new place. 

ways of reducing stress

• Maintain a journal for yourself

Sometimes your thoughts are so private that you are in no mood to share your feelings with the rest of the world other than just writing them down in your own journal. Just pen down all your thoughts as they come to you and you will find yourself relieved at the end of the day. Sometimes you find that writing a journal helps you to overcome many crises and help you find a solution to your problems.

If you carry out all these activities and yet is unable to find relief from stress, then you might as well contact the college help desk to aid you in resolving your anxiety. A college student should go to the roots of the stress that he is facing and try to know the reasons behind it. If he is well aware of the problems he is facing in college life, then he can very well ask the help of his mentors at his college. We are sure they will be more than happy to help you when you happen to be in need. On the other hand, for your physiological well being, we can advise you to simultaneously cut down on the intake of caffeine because these in any form can work towards increasing your stress levels. So be happy and enjoy your college life in a stress free manner.

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