10 apps that you must have as a smart college student.

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10 apps that you must have as a smart college student.


College life and high school are fun. But it may sometimes give you a headache if you are not well equipped with latest trending mobile apps. What I am trying to infer is, Face book and whats app is quite good to share assignments and information for your study, research or project.But you cannot always rely on others to get your work done. Right?  For your sake, I am going to list some of the most trending and most useful android and ios apps that every college student must have.

It not only maximises your productivity in your assignments as well as help you organise things right but also keeps you updated with the latest information.Be it a messy room where you always get trouble to find the stuff you need or be it the study materials on the Internet.We always need something specific for each topic to do a project, assignment,  or such academic stuff to learn. So here are the top 10 android and ios apps that will change the way you learn.

1.Wolfram Alpha


Wikipedia is a good way to learn stuff. But when it comes to projects and assignments, your professors may not appreciate it that much. Wolfram Alpha is the best mobile app for research and project work. The information provided is pretty reliable and trustworthy.So, if you are looking for the best app for information searching, this app is the best and can be used as an alternative to Wikipedia.

2.Oxford dictionary

Use of appropriate words and entirely relevant sentences in your assignments or projects not only help you to get good grades but also contribute to improving your vocabulary. One way to that is using the best dictionary app ever, the Oxford dictionary app. Words, their meanings, Synonyms, antonyms, everything can be found on this app and will ensure you that a regular use of this app will make your wordlist strong, and you will be unbeatable.



TED is not just a  conference where people share their innovative ideas. The speech made by the people are not only inspiring but also motivational .You can get a load of ideas from the speech made by the professionals as well as the entrepreneurs and investors for your project. It's an entirely reliable source from where you will be nourished with latest technologies and facts.



Duaolingo is the best app ever for learning the foreign language.This app will help you to learn different languages like English,  French, PortugueseGerman, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Esperanto o,  Ukrainian, Polish and Turkish — It’s fast, fun and free.The fascinating fact about this app is that its quite like a game.You can Practice reading, speaking,  listening as well as writing.You can just play a game, answer few questions and complete the lessons to enhance your grammar vocabulary.



Typing is a boring thing to most of the students.When it comes to writing assignments and documents, the problem gets doubled.Snap2PDf helps you convert any picture to PDF format.You can just take pictures of the information you need and make it a PDF using this app.

6.Ref me


Stuck with how to cite a source?Well, Ref me is the solution to your citation dilemma.It's an awesome resource from where you can cite any source for all your semester papers.Any reference to the title, author, URL or whatever you are searching for related to the information you are working on, can be found here.What you need to do is just put the appropriate details in the fill-up boxes in the form, and it's done.You can even choose the citation style.

7.Mind Map.


Mind mapping is the new trend for remembering things as well as make things easy and straightforward to understand.You may have a lot of ideas in your mind and want to depict it in an easy way without much use of words.It can be planning a trip, things to pack, places to stay or many others like topics to study for the upcoming exam and many more Mind map is an app which you should be having on your smartphone to make your idea a reality.

8.Google Drive


What if you just remembered that you have to submit your work by now, and you forgot to bring it, and there is not enough time to go back and take it from home? Or what if you are the in for an interview and just came to know that they need a copy of your electricity bill too. Well, the solution is the Google Drive app that allows you to take your important documents with you wherever you go.Just upload all the necessary material to google drive in classified folders and boom.You will never have to worry again about docs that are important.Make it a habit of uploading docs every time you work and you will be tension free.

9.Dragon dictation


Are you one of among the people who hate to type?If yes then you need not worry. Dragon Dictation is the best app for avoiding typing.This app does your typing work through your speech.Just dictate what you want and it will do the typing.



It often happens to the students that they run out off money before the month ends and eventually ends up having a tough time in the months end.If you are one among them, the problem is you are not quite skilled with your budget.Don't worry; mint app gives you the leverage to make a plan for your budget and ensure that you never end up with zero money before time. It manages your money by linking your bank account to it and keeps you alerting about the spending. It also reminds you with bills to be paid to avoid defaulting it.

So, its time you get your smartphone loaded with these apps and start aiming for excellence.It's time you start learning in a smarter.

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